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The 2017 Romanian Peace Forum, Impacting Romania, Impacting the World, will be the first national peace forum in Romanias history. The Forum will bring together civil society organisations, practitioners, government officials, academics, students and citizens of Romania and the world for 2-days of highly interactive and practical workshops, panel discussions, plenary sessions and design forums to address issues and challengesand opportunitiesin Romania, Europe and the World. In a period of challenging conflicts globally and with peacebuilding advancing rapidly in its practical developments and growing expertise, the Peace Forum will bring the state of the art of peacebuilding to Romania and explore in turn key conflicts, domestic initiatives, and how to advance peace at local and national levels in the countryas well as in Romanias engagement in the world. Impacting Romania, Impacting the World is about creating connections, deepening understanding, and linking together academics, practitioners, policy makers and citizens to advance a practical agenda and vision for peace. A vision the world needs.

The Secretariat of the Forum is hosted by the Romanian Peace Institute (PATRIR). Throughout April & May the Institute will actively reach out to civic initiatives, NGOs, Institutes and Government Ministries across Romania to invite them as partners and contributors to the Forum. The intention of the organisers is to develop and craft the Forum as a shared platform of organisations and initiativesboth governmental and civiccontributing to peace in Romania and, from Romania, in the world. Interested agencies, institutions and organisations who wish to partner in organising the event or to contribute with workshops, panel discussions, or practical planning / co-design sessions, and individuals who wish to volunteer and support organisation of the National Peace Forum are invited to contact: for more information.