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This wonderful session, on Sunday morning,  was presented by our colleagues from ANES (Agentia Nationala pentru Egalitatea de Sanse intre Femei si Barbarti)  and the Go Free Association. On the panel were Andra Cristina Croitoru (ANES), Valentina Ștefanschi and Adriana Cozanu (Go Free).

This session centered on not only gender based discrimination but also on other forms of discrimination as well. Adriana and Valentina talked about Go Free’s involvement with the marginalized Roma community and other minorities. Their ongoing campaign advocates against hate speech and discrimination on a number of platforms both online and offline (periodical trainings and workshops).

The most interesting project by the Go Free was the “GoFree Journalism” project. Participants in this project are trained on how they can come up with positive stories from the marginalized communities in Romania. Our speakers mentioned that it was important to remember that ordinarily these stories don’t end up in the mainstream media channels, but that In the end these stories become a powerful tool in reminding the public of the good things that come out of marginalized communities.

Towards the end of the session, Andra talked at length about ANES’s campaign of holding people accountable when they are guilty of making derogatory remarks in both online and offline spaces. Sexual harassment at the workplace was also discussed at length. Victims were encouraged to come forward with complaints and we also discussed a number of ways in which employers can set up structures to ensure that the workplace remains a harassment-free zone.

Personally, I was encouraged and impressed by the countless campaigns run by both ANES and Go Free in the past and present. However, I feel that more work needs to be done in addressing the issues discussed having to do with harassment in the workplace. For greater milestones in combating discrimination and sexual harassment more employers need to be brought on board.

Any suggestions on how we can live in a discrimination-free society?

Dennis Artsanyo


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