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Impacting Romania, Impacting the World

2017 Romanian Peace Forum

ClujNapoca, Romania

May 13 & 14 2017 –

Guide to Becoming a Partner: RPF 2017

for Institutions, Government Agencies & Ministries,

Civil Society Organisations and more

About the Romanian Peace Forum – In Brief: The 2017 Romanian Peace Forum, Impacting Romania, Impacting the World, will be the first national peace forum in Romanias history. The Forum will bring together civil society organisations, practitioners, government officials, academics, students and citizens of Romania and the world for 2-days of highly interactive and practical workshops, panel discussions, plenary sessions and design forums to address issues and challengesand opportunitiesin Romania, Europe and the World. Impacting Romania, Impacting the World is about creating connections, deepening understanding, and linking together academics, practitioners, policy makers and citizens to advance a practical agenda and vision for peace. A vision the world needs.

Invitation to Partner

The Romanian Peace Forum is being organised as a joint, collaborative initiative of institutions, government ministries and agencies, civil society organisations and civic initiatives across Romania. Organisations, institutions, and Ministries involved in addressing conflicts, violence and peacebuilding within Romania, or from Romania internationally, are invited to partner with the Forum through a variety of means:

Organising Partner

Organising Partners take an active role in the governance and development of the Forum, contributing actively to Forum planning and preparation, holding (if they wish) sessions at the Forum, and design of the programme, co-creation of the Romanian National Agenda for Peace and more. Organising Partners contribute staff/volunteers to be part of the core RPF event management and preparation team coordinated by PATRIR.

Contributing Partner

Contributing Partners contribute to the promotion of the Forum and intend to hold one or more sessions either themselves or in partnership/collaboration with others. Contributing Partners do not need to take on roles in the organisation and preparation of the Forum overall, but are encouraged to actively promote it on their website(s), through social media, and to their members and partners. Contributing Partners are also invited to support and contribute to the development of the Romanian National Agenda for Peace.

Endorsing Partners & Institutions

Endorsing Partners & Institutions may be from Romania or more broadly internationally and endorse (support) the vision, objectives and aims of the Romanian Peace Forum. Endorsing Partners are also invited to promote the Forum and its mission broadly through their channels to reach as wide an audience as possible in Romania and globally.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Forum is hosted by the Romanian Peace Institute – PATRIR. The Secretariat is available to answer any questions and facilitate communication and coordination between partners and the organising and volunteer teams supporting the Forum.

Why should your Institution, Agency, Ministry, NGO become involved…

This is the first of what will become an annual event in Romania. It will be the preeminent annual Forum in the country bringing together key actors across all sectors and backgrounds – civil society, government, academia, interested citizens, practitioners, researchers and more – engaged and interested in promoting peace, transforming conflicts, and preventing violence in Romania and internationally. The Annual Romanian Peace Forum will catalyse and nurture the development of expertise on peace and conflict issues in Romania, strengthen capacities and support local and national initiatives, and help increase Romania’s engagement in and support for peace and the prevention of war, armed violence and armed conflicts internationally. For organisations working either domestically within the country or internationally, the Romanian Peace Forum is one of the most important collaborative efforts to improve capabilities, networking, partnership, knowledge development and improvement of policy and practice in Romania. It is a collaborative platform. Your Institution, Agency, Organisation or Ministry can play an active role in helping to shape the future of the Forum in Romania.

Answering questions you might have:

  • There is no financial responsibility or obligation implied by becoming a partner of the Forum;
  • As a Partner you are expected to promote the Forum through your institution to staff, members and partners and through your media and social media outreach channels;
  • As a Partner you will be invited to shape the vision of the Forum and to contribute to the National Agenda for Peace
  • Organisations, civic initiatives, government ministries and agencies, local and national authorities, universities and institutes which are interested in becoming partners of the Forum may:
    • Become partners at any time following contacting the Secretariat and signing the Partnership Agreement with the Forum;
    • End their partnership at any time should they choose so

This year’s event: May 13 & 14 2017

The First Romanian Peace Forum is being organised this year on the 13th and 14th of May, 2017 in Cluj-Napoca – Kolozsvar – Klausenburg, Romania, home to the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR). It is being organised in partnership with the Center for International Studies and the Political Science Faculty of the University of Babes-Bolyai and many other organising and contributing partners. A website ( is being created for the Forum and will go up shortly, presenting the Forum, events and sessions, contributors and speakers, partners and more.

For more information or to inquire about becoming a partner in the Romanian Peace Forum please contact:

Zsofia Puskely

Lead Coordinator, Romanian Peace Forum