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Peace Education in Schools (Workshop): Empowering Citizens for the 21st Century

> Romanian, PATRIR,  Room III/1, May 13, 10:45

Mainstreaming peace education is the responsibility of all stakeholders that, one way or another, play a role into the lives of our young generation. Whether you are a parent, a student or a teacher, you are welcome to come and experience the methods used in peace education classes and in the projects developed and ran by PATRIR and to learn about the good results and the mistakes that countries around us have made. We live in a complex and diverse society, conflicts are imminent, all we need to do is learn to use them in order to grow and become informed and smart citizens in dealing with them.


Addressing Radicalization & Violent Extremism (Workshop)

English, PATRIR, Room IV/3, May 13, 14:30

The Addressing Radicalization and Violent Extremism Workshop builds upon baseline theories and key knowledge to understand the path towards radicalization and violent extremism. Throughout a series of context exercises, the attendants will address the social and psychological phases an individual might encounter in order to become radicalized. This workshop offers a good opportunity for all those interested in radicalization and violent extremism to gain deeper knowledge and holistic understanding around these issues.


Youth Shaping Our World & Future: UN Resolution 2250 (Workshop)

> English, UN Youth, PATRIR, Room IV/1, May 13th, 16:15

Stories from around the world are testimonies that young people are bold, effective and inspiring peacebuilders.  In December 2015 the United Nations Security Council adopted resolution 2250, the first ever thematic resolution on Youth, Peace and Security. The workshop will cover the story and history of UN Resolution 2250, will engage participants in an interactive discovery and exploration of the main pillars of the resolution and will explore and map ideas for action at the local, regional and national level creating 2250 Romania: An Agenda for Action.

Are you interested and passionate about international policy mechanisms? Are you engaged and familiar with UN structures and decision-making or want to learn more about those? Above all, are you a DOer and believer in the agency that young people have in marking positive differences? Then, the PATRIR and UN Youth teams are looking forward to meeting you at the workshop!


Capacities for Peace:  Peace Training, Peace Studies, and the perspective of a Romanian Civil Peace Service (Workshop)

> English, PATRIR, Room III/4, May 14th, 10:45

What does it take to be able to engage as effective peaceworker? How could one build up a ‘peacebuilder profile’?  How about launching the first Romanian Civil Peace Service? As PATRIR we are engaging at the very forefront of the peace capacity building field through constant research and delivery of training programmes. We would like to share experiences such as project, Training for the German Civil Peace Service, teaching Peace Studies at universities around the world and others in the space of this workshop. The workshop will introduce some of the existing frameworks for building capacities for peace among practitioners and will also launch for discussion the concept and possibilities of a Romanian Civil Peace Service, a type of peace infrastructure that exists in several countries, with Germany having one of the most advanced system.

Are you interested and passionate about shaping and contributing to shaping the conversations about the professional profile of peaceworkers? Are you curious and interested to explore your own personal or institutional profile in relation to existing standards from the peacebuilding field? Does being part of the story of a first Romanian Civil Peace Service tickle your imagination? Then, we are very much looking forward to meeting you on the second day of the Forum!


Building Sustainable Community Interventions: Inclusion, non-violence, preventing school drop-out. (Workshop)

> Romanian, Fundatia Noi Orizonturi, Room III/4, May 14th, 14:30

One of the most difficult questions that we who are creating projects need to answer is “how do we ensure the sustainability of the project” or, more simply, “what will happen to the beneficiary after the program’s or project’s closure?”
Through the workshop that I am proposing to you, we will discover together that sometimes, even in the life of projects and programs, we do not get where we want because perhaps we do not go from where we need, we do not know how to formulate the right questions. As it is said, a good question is the answer. So, through a game, we will try to formulate the right question that could lead us to a sustainability-linked response.
The objectives of this workshop are: to identify the right attitudes to ensure the sustainability of interventions on different issues and to develop an action strategy on different themes: inclusion, nonviolence, combating school abandonment, etc., starting with community analysis.