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Psychologist & independent counselor for personal development, trainer, change facilitator.
Adina is a member of the Transition Towns Network and has been involved in the Romanian Transition Movement since 2013. She is the initiator of Free Seeds/Seminte libere movement and, projects developed to protect the traditional seeds and reconnect the local communities.
In 2014, she accepted the challenge to become the project funding manager of the Education for Change Department, a project related to social innovation, social entrepreneurship, resilient and sustainable communities.
She is a trainer in strategic projects with international partners such as universities, Ecovillages and Sustainable Development Networks, on the following thematics: Social Innovation for Resilient Communities, Sociocracy 3.0, igniting Social entrepreneurship’ spirit, inspiring and empowering people to seek and fulfill their dream.
Adina promotes responsibility of co-creating a space for collaboration where a profound change is possible. She has completed personal research on “human connection” as the missing part in the Climate Change approach. She loves to inspire people to have the “courage to be themselves” as a powerful path to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.