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Mrs. Anita Toth is the Project Manager of LADO Cluj. She is representing the organization in various national and international discussions/ working groups on the topic of human rights, law enforcement, advocacy, human rights impact on the society, proposals for legislative changes, research on the migration field, inclusion and integration. She graduated the Faculty of International Relationships and she is also student at Law School and Probation and Mediation Master, in the last year, within the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.
Anita has worked until now with diverse groups: youngsters, students, youth leaders, vulnerable communities, immigrants, disadvantaged groups, social civil representatives, public representatives etc., and has attended more than 10 trainings, workshops and international conferences and exchanges on her topics of interest. Her experience, competences and skills refer to inclusion and integration programs, intercultural education, human rights, principles of law, human dignity and equality.