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Maria-Cristiana Marcus is a Peace and Security Intern at the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations, in New York, where she focuses on the UN Peacekeeping operations. Meanwhile, she also works as a global researcher for the Institute for Islamic Strategic Affairs with their Refugee/Border Control Programme. Maria holds a BA in “War Studies” from King’s College London and she is currently doing her postgraduate degree in “Violence, Conflict & Development” at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Her research is focused on the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and on issues of forced migration – advocating for education in camps, employment support and opportunities for refugees. Her further interests include emergency humanitarian coordination, disaster response, development and interfaith dialogue.
During her time at KCL, Maria interned with the Iraqi Centre for Integration and Cohesion (ICIC) and the West London Women Refugee Forum. At SOAS, she interned with the Miracle Ministry in Lahore, Pakistan, developing a better understanding on how faith-based organisations work in offering aid and education to children that work as bonded labourers and advocating against modern slavery.
Previously, she interned with the Middle East and North Africa department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest, where she focused on the Syrian conflict and the UN peace talks. In 2014 she worked with the United Service Institution and the British High Commission in Delhi, conducting research on the Indian contribution to WW1.