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With six years of experience in the educational private sector and continuous international experience, Otilia coordinates PATRIR’s current peace education project in a Romanian public school in Cluj-Napoca, aiming to extend it in autumn and to reach more schools, pupils and volunteers. She has worked with young students aged 7-12 teaching different subjects through non-formal methods and also participated in strategic planning sessions of PATRIR’s with the purpose to design PATRIS’s engagement in peace education in Cluj-Napoca.

Otilia has supervised a team which elaborated educational materials and a curricula on peace education in schools, giving substantial inputs on the lessons but also assessing the needs on the ground through individual discussions with teachers, children and civil society representatives. An open-minded person, aware of the challenges within the Romanian educational system and the existing cultural violence in the society is looking forward to discuss with you how peace education can empower young generation to deal with an uncertain future, shaped by different forms of conflicts and ongoing, fast development.