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Volunteering Guide for students, individuals, groups

Call for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers and interns to get involved and help make the Romanian Peace Forum 2017 a fantastic success. We need volunteers who can help with communications, blogging and graphic design, IT, logistics, photography/filming, event/sessions, artistic programme and more. Let us know what’s of interest to you and how you’d like to get involved!


  • Promoting the Romanian Peace Forum on social media to achieve national awareness raising and engagement
  • Translation of materials into Romanian
  • Writing articles, blogs and outreach materials leading up to, during and after the event
  • Graphic Editing & Designing info materials


  • Website design, development, maintenance (ASAP)
  • Poster, logo design (ASAP)
  • Creating a Video Montage bringing together messages of support from around the world and across Romania


  • Supporting the organising team with logistics


  • Taking pictures and recording videos during the Forum (May 13&14)


  • Greeting/registering/directing participants at the event (May 13&14)
  • Reporting key resolutions of sessions (May 13&14 and follow-up)


  • Help organise the cultural and artistic component
  • We are looking for artists, creative groups, who could perform (theatrical play, concert, photo exhibition, interactive game etc.) during the days of the Forum in order raise awareness about peace, human rights and inclusion, and to promote the Forum and Cluj as the City of Peace 2021

If you’re a person who wants to help and see how you can contribute to make things better in Romania and in the world; if you’re someone who likes to get involved, has organising capability, IT expertise, is creative or passionate about theatre, music and the arts, there are many ways you can become part of the Romanian Peace Forum. We have a great team of committed, creative people and we’d love for you to join us!

What you get by joining the Romanian Peace Forum Team!

As a volunteer you’re going to have an amazing experience with the RPF team. You’ll be working together with dynamic and motivated people, using your knowledge, experience, expertise and skills to help make an important event be a major success. All team members will receive a certificate from the Department of Peace Operations (DPO) of PATRIR recognising their contribution. You’ll also be able to take part in sessions of the Forum itself and gain inspiration and insight from practitioners, scholars, experts and civic organisations from across Romania and internationally. Those interested can also explore opportunities for long-term engagement with the Romanian Peace Institute, become part of local efforts in Cluj or across the country, and participate freely in local and national trainings organised by the International Peace and Development Training Center (IPDTC) – one of the world’s leading training capabilities in the field.

How to get involved

To get involved please send us a motivation letter together with your CV to Let us know which tasks/departments you would like to be involved in, your skills and expertise, and your availability and the amount of time you can devote to them.

We look forward to hearing from you and making this event a great success!